Internal medicine

Venous medicine, as a branch of vascular medicine, focuses on changes in veins and lymphatic vessels.

This includes the diagnosis and treatment of acute events, such as thromboses of the deep veins and thromboses of the superficial veins or chronic leg swelling.

Here, too, the precise color ultrasound examination plays an important role, in addition to a detailed patient history and a physical examination. Light reflection rheography (measurement of venous outpumping and refilling time) is also used.

In case of frequently recurring thromboses or familial accumulation, special coagulation diagnostics by means of laboratory tests are recommended. For this purpose, I offer a detailed consultation regarding the risk of thrombosis and any necessary blood thinning treatment.

Spider veins and smaller varicose veins can be sclerosed.
If varicose vein surgery is necessary, I will advise you on the existing surgical options, their modern alternatives and the most suitable procedure for you. I will be happy to discuss your findings with colleagues who are active in the field of surgery and with whom I maintain good contact.

I also offer an assessment of your individual risk of thrombosis and possible preventive measures before planned long-distance travel.
In the case of lymphedema, individual diagnosis and therapy, such as compression therapy and the prescription of manual lymphatic drainage, are carried out.

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In the check-up, we examine risk factors for heart attacks, strokes, colon cancer and diabetes. In this way, signs of illness can often be recognized at an early stage and successfully avoided.