In recent years, angiology (vascular medicine) has become increasingly important as the youngest branch of internal medicine. Vascular diseases are the most common causes of illness and death in industrialized countries, and the trend is rising.

It deals with arterial, venous, inflammatory and congenital diseases of all vascular regions, including the lymphatic system; includes diagnostics and special therapy.

With the color-coded duplex sonography (color ultrasound) most of the vessels of the body can be displayed and can be checked, for example, with regard to existing signs of changes in the vascular wall, calcifications, inflammations and blockages.

Special angiological examination methods such as acral oscillography (representation of the blood flow situation of the fingers and toes, helpful for diabetics and vascular cramps), light reflection rheography (examination of the vein function), measurement of the pulse wave velocity (calculation of the "vascular age"), blood pressure measurement on the legs, representation of the nail folds (changes with certain immune diseases) are available to me.

If necessary, you will be referred for further imaging (MR angiography).

Together with you, a corresponding therapy schedule will be determined, starting with lifestyle changes, through blood-thinning medication, to catheter-supported reopening procedures for arterial constrictions or a surgery.

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In the check-up, we examine risk factors for heart attacks, strokes, colon cancer and diabetes. In this way, signs of illness can often be recognized at an early stage and successfully avoided.